7 Seriously Fun (And Unique) Things To Do With Your Friends This Year

Meghan Blalock

As women, all too often we find ourselves talking about one type of relationship: romantic ones. And while we’re all about romantic love and everything that comes along with it, there’s no replacement for female friendships. They are a source of strength, evolution, and, let’s be honest, pure fun in a way that our more intimate relationships will never approach.

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In the spirit of enlivening these friendships and breathing fresh air into them, we’ve come up with seven really fun and different things you can do (mani-pedis get old after a while, are we right?) with your girlfriends this year. Whether it’s a girl date with just the two of you, or a larger group outing, these activities will make sure no one is bored—and you might just learn something along the way, too. Read on!

what to do with your girlfriend

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1. Take a class together, either online or in real life.
There’s nothing like educating yourself with another person to help grow the bond between you. Pick something you are mutually interested in—whether it’s cooking, yoga, or nuclear physics—and get to it. Sites like Skillshare make taking adult education classes that much easier (it’s all online!), but if you can hit a real classroom together, even better. Plan study dates, discuss theories, and enjoy the fact that you’re growing your minds together.

2. Commit to a totally new workout regimen together.
Wer’e not talking about making the pact to take a run together every Wednesday after work—we’re talking about getting together with your girlfriends and committing to a type of exercise neither of you have tried before. Whether it’s dipping your toes into the sometimes terrifying world of SoulCycle, taking a hot yoga class, or contorting yourself into a Pilates reformer: do something that scares you a little bit. This will increase both the fun factor and the bonding you get out of it.

3. Volunteer.
Turn your friendship into something that benefits not only the parties involved, but the world at large as well. Whether you decide to walk dogs for your local animal shelter or commit to helping out at a homeless shelter once a week, giving back to your community seems much more approachable (and is that much more effective) when you’re not doing it alone.

4. Read a book together.
There’s a reason book clubs still exist: female bonding that takes place over literature is bonding that lasts forever. Even if it’s just the two of you participating, if you are both reading the same book at the same time, you will have ample things to talk about that reach far beyond the intellectual scope of discussing Kim Kardashian’s latest Instagram snafu. Trust us.

5. Help each other purge your apartments.
We all have things we could get rid of. From old pieces in your wardrobe that you will literally never touch again to stacks of aging magazines that you just love too much to throw away, there are three little words that will improve your life: simplify, simplify, simplify. Turning it into an actual activity and recruiting the help of your closest friends will make it that much more bearable (and fun).

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6. Host a weekly, open-invite karaoke night.
This piece of advice is fairly straight-forward: who doesn’t love karaoke? Pick one night a week, a local karaoke dive bar (or even someone’s living room!), and invite all your ladies. Even if people are busy and only a couple of you show up, it’s still guaranteed to be a good time. (After all, you never know when Beyoncé is going to stop by.)

7. Plan not to plan.
Last, but certainly not least: plan not to plan. Be open to new experiences with your girlfriends, and don’t get irked if you have that one friend who is a poor planner and likes to do things on a whim. Often the most fun and rewarding experiences are those you never meant to have.