3 Quick and Easy Steps to Fuller Hair

Rachel Krause


The grass is always greener on the other side: Those with thick, coarse hair want fine, silky strands, and those with fine, silky strands crave volume, volume, volume. The best thing about beauty is that, with the right products and techniques, there isn’t much you can’t achieve, and for the fine-haired, fuller hair is just a few products and a good diffuser away. These 3 steps will have you vampy and voluminous in no time… because the higher the hair, the closer to heaven.

1. Wash right.
Shampooing may seem like the least important part of your hair care routine—if it’s clean, it’s clean!—but choosing the right formula is instrumental in getting the volume you want. Opt only for clear formulas, as opaque or pearly shampoos generally contain more hydrating ingredients that can weigh down hair that already tends toward fine or flat. Shampoo twice to rid the hair of any and all buildup, and while you won’t want to skip conditioner entirely, you should only apply it from the mid-lengths to the ends of hair. Conditioner is smoothing, and it can make hair so silky that no amount of styling can help it to maintain body.

2. Choose your products carefully.
The right volumizing products are instrumental in creating thicker, fuller-looking hair, so it’s time to up your arsenal if you haven’t already. Your preferences may vary, but we like to use a volumizing mousse on damp hair at the roots in conjunction with a dry texturizing spray or powder. Look for ingredients like panthenol and wheat protein, which coat the hair for a thicker look and feel. Avoid anything too heavy or hydrating, unless you’re using it only on the ends of your hair. When you apply product, ensure that your hair is just damp rather than wet, as adding product on hair that’s too wet won’t do much of anything, and can even cause greasiness once hair dries.

3. Style, style, style.
Unfortunately, hair doesn’t get thicker-looking with a wash-and-go routine alone. Styling is critical for getting the look that you want, especially if you have extra fine hair to begin with. A blowdryer and a round brush is a good place to start if you want volume with polish, but you can also load your hair up with texturizing products and use your fingers and a diffuser for sexy, tousled body that lasts for days. Whatever you do, avoid over-brushing or over-handling your hair, as the natural oils from your hands will contribute to oiliness. Don’t be afraid to skip washing days—the more grit your hair has, the better, and with so much dry shampoo to be used, who needs a good wash anyway? Within reason, of course.

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