Fake It Until You Make It: Fuller Eyelashes

Augusta Falletta
smokey eye makeup


On any given day if you asked which beauty product we’d never leave home without, the answer would undoubtedly be mascara. Darker, longer, fuller lashes make your eyes pop without question, so when we want to look our best (you know, every day) we swipe on our favorite mascara and get ourselves ready for what the day may bring. The one issue? When we do our makeup and end up with eyelashes that are simply not full and selfie-worthy. Thankfully, there are a few tricks of the trade we’ve picked up on that work to give us enviable lashes. Follow the tricks below and your friends will be pestering you about how you get your lashes to look so amazing.

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Primer: You can either use an eyelash primer (some mascaras are double-ended and come with a primer formula on one side) or DIY a primer using baby powder for some seriously full eyelashes. The primer will stick to your natural eyelashes and act as a thickening agent underneath your mascara, giving you a fuller, thicker set.

Curling: When you curl your eyelashes, they’ll immediately fan up and out, giving you a fuller base for when you apply your mascara. For an extra curling boost, heat up your curler with a blow dryer for 10-15 seconds before you curl your lashes. Squeeze the curler once at the root, once in the middle, and one just below the tip of your lashes for maximum results.

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Cocktails: Many women tend to stick with one formula, but mixing together a mascara cocktail means getting the best of every kind of product. Use a lengthening mascara as a base with a thickening mascara on top, or vice versa, depending on which works best for your particular lashes. It’s all about finding what will give you the results you want, so experiment a bit with more than one coat of mascara and play around with different brands.

Comb: Fuller lashes tends to mean using more mascara, which can also quickly turn to getting clumps. Get yourself an eyelash comb to go through and separate your lashes, effectively combing out any clumps that may have accumulated in the mascara application process.

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