French Themed Nail Art to Celebrate Bastille Day

Danielle Pistono
French Themed Nail Art to Celebrate Bastille Day
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Bastille Day is basically the French equivalent of the 4th of July. And, even if you aren’t French, what better way to show your support for the holiday than fun, French inspired nail art? We found nails that included everything from Benton stripes to Eiffel towers. You won’t have to look too far for colors for these nail art designs. Try using your left over red, white and blue polishes from the 4th!

Some manicures went all out and featured a variety of different French inspired nails. Others were a bit simpler: either having their nails painted red or just having the simple flag on them. Benton striped nails are also a subtle way to show your support for France. Whether you opt for Eiffel Towers or flag nails, make sure you celebrate France’s independence day by showing off your fabulous nail art.

Check out the Bastille Day nail art slideshow above to get inspiration for your nails this holiday!

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This awesome Eiffel Tower nail art is simple, yet creative.

via Daily Nail Blog

This nail art incorporates just about everything French, except for a baguette.

via Nail Art Express

Try using red, white and blue in a different way on each nail like this patriotic manicure.


Try a lighter blue color with French themed accent nails.


These breton striped nails are a great way to celebrate Bastille Day.   

via Beauty Heaven

Try a deep red polish to channel the most romantic place in the world.


Try mixing it up with both the French flag and an Eiffel Tower.

via The Daily Nail Blog

Instead of the typical red, white and blue, try using silver instead!

via Washingtonian

Here is another manicure that incorporates the French colors and mixes it up on every finger.

via Hello Giggles

You can go the classic route and simply paint your nails to match the French flag.


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