30 French Manicure Nail Art Looks To Try Because It’s 2000 All Over Again

30 French Manicure Nail Art Looks To Try Because It’s 2000 All Over Again
Photo: ImaxTree. Giphy. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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To be honest, I knew French manicure nail art was making a slow, but steady comeback when Anne Hathaway’s character donned the throwback look in Ocean’s 8. Sure, it was sort-of meant to be a dig at her character’s terrible taste, but we literally can’t get enough of nostalgia and in 2019, our obsession went into overload. If it happened in the ’90s or early ‘2000s, we’re doing it now because apparently, Back to the Future isn’t just a movie.

In addition to our affinity for Juicy Couture tracksuits and Billie Eilish’s flawless two-toned mullet, the classic French manicure is basically as new as the iPhone 11. Bella Hadid is showing her’s off in perfectly-posed Instagram posts and the look was borrowed for a myriad of runway shows during New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2020 season. For instance, nail artist (and minimalist pro) Betina Goldstein created a “cornered” French manicure for the Kith show, where “delicate lines were placed at the top and bottom of the nail to mirror one another.”

This is what has made the French mani’s resurgence such a success. Though plenty (including a couple of my aunties) are sticking to the classic design, nail pros and novices alike are also putting their own twist on the look. Whether it’s a unique color combo, animal print tips or double-lines across the top, there’s more than enough proof on Instagram that it has the versatility to stand the test of time. With that being said, here are 30 stunning nail-fies that’ll get your creative juices flowing.

Black tips.

Dual pinks.

Cornered accents.

Floral tips.

Just enough sparkle.

Red coffin realness.

A French, half-moon hybrid.

Multi-colored tips.

Neon fade.

Butternut digits.

Hunter green tips.

Disney princess vibes.

Glitter tips.

French to the side.

Upside down French.

Tie-dye tips.

On Wednesdays, we wear pink.

On point in rainbow.



Hear me roar.

Tie it with a bow.

So icy.


Stain glass tips.

Classic with an accent.

Double-lined tips.

Classic rose.

Fendi prints on.

I heart you.