3 Pretty French Braid Bun Ideas From YouTube

Victoria Moorhouse

If you know how to French braid and have mastered the simple, almost innate act of pulling your hair into a bun—ballerina or not—you have what it takes to craft one super pretty updo. The French braid bun is what you get when you combine those two ‘dos together, and it’s a transitional style that fits just about any occasion. There’s a ton of different variations too. Depending on your braiding experience level and the length of your hair, you can pair it with other techniques like a fishtail, Dutch, as well as a regular three-strand braid, to create a cool look with a ton of texture. For a super low-maintenance look that still falls under the genre, you can create one French braid and twist the “ponytail” portion of it into a bun at the nape of your neck.

To give you an idea of how many different variations have been created, we rounded up three pretty takes on the French braid bun from YouTube for you to try at home. Check them out below.

The Upside Down French Braid
This look usually consists of a French braid created on the back of your head that leads up into a topknot or a neat ballerina bun. The most difficult concept of this look is creating a French braid upside-down, as you’ll be braiding up towards the top of your head as opposed to down. This tutorial from Luxy Hair makes it totally doable—and even utilizes a hair tool to keep the bun shapely and extra neat.

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The Waterfall, Dutch, French Braid Bun
So you’re going to need to know and excel at your braids to copy this exact look. Practice makes perfect and vlogger Missy Sue breaks down this complex hairstyle rather well. Parting her hair to the side, she created a Waterfall braid and a Dutch braid on one side and a single French braid on the other. She crafted these two into one bun on the back, wraping the braids around each other and pinning them into place. Don’t let the picture intimidate you and give it a shot!

The Side French Braid Bun
If you can French braid at least one pigtail, you’re set. This look consists of one French braid on the side of the head that’s been tied into a bun with the remaining half on the other side. The Small Things Blog gives a great explanation on how you can simplify or change the look to your liking, too.

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