Free People Just Launched an All-Natural Fragrance Collection

Free People Just Launched an All-Natural Fragrance Collection
Photo: ImaxTree.

Surprise, surprise: everyone’s favorite, bohemian chic retailer Free People just released its first-ever in-house beauty product: an all-natural fragrance collection! Called “1809: S,” “1809: Z” and “1809: C,” the three scents are formulated with no artificial notes or chemically altered ingredients. The entire collection is also cruelty-free and vegan.

As for the numerical moniker, it’s a nod to Free People’s original location on Walnut Street in Philadelphia, PA.

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“In developing the 1809 collection, we wanted to challenge conventional fragrance; it was important for us to use all-natural notes to truly represent the brilliant aromas nature provides us with,” said Free People’s Product Development Manager Christine Campbell. “Creating not only a perfume rooted in nature, but triggering a memory, an experience, an escape, in its truest form, without any artificial ingredients.”

Here’s what you need to know about each one:

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“1809: S” is inspired by the sea, surf and summer. With a base of vanilla and Brazilian tonka bean, this fragrance has notes of Italian lemon, almond, melon, Madagascar ylang ylang and Tahitian coconut.

“1809: Z” is earthier with notes of Australian eucalyptus, Paraguayan guaiac wood and Indonesian patchouli.

Finally, “1809: C” is inspired by camp and early morning hikes with notes including star anise, watermelon, Moroccan cedar wood and Haitian vetiver.

The three scents are available today for $28 each at Free People stores and online.