11 Questions for Frédéric Fekkai: The Hair Guru Talks Icons, Emojis, and Holiday Tips

For the last 25 years in New York, the name Fekkai has been synonymous with chic, sexy hair. Since opening his salon atop the iconic Bergdorf Goodman retailer, Frédéric Fekkai’s goal has been to cut through overdone, overblown, and over-the-top hairstyles and helping women find their inner French girl (thank you!)

His Parisian training has helped bring some serious French style to American women, channeling vibes that scream sexy, powerful, and naturally alluring.

Over the years, Fekkai has grown from one salon into a full-fledged hair empire, and his tousled, just-got-out-of-bed, perfect looks have taken over the runways, red carpets, and magazines.  We wanted to get to know more about the hair master, so he came by the StyleCaster office to chat about everything from his secrets to getting long, sexy hair to his hair icons and philosophy.

2013 Style Awards at Lincoln Center - Red Carpet Arrivals

Photo: Fekkai

What’s one easy trick to amp your hair when going from work to holiday parties?

A great quick tip to give your hair volume is to flip your hair over, give it a few shakes and spray hairspray in-between the layers. Flip your head back up and you will have amazing volume!  As far as hair accessories go, I believe that even a style like a simple ponytail can be decorated with a beautiful hair ornament to add a touch of elegant sparkle that is especially nice for an evening look. Another great look is to accessorize with a beautiful headband, which can work for both casual looks and be evening appropriate.

This season, are you Team Straight & Sleek, or Loose & Wavy?

I am team “find your own style and embrace your natural hair type”. For example, if your hair is curly, work with it by using products specifically formulated for curly hair created to prep, enhance and define curly, wavy hair. Technology has given us products which make it easy to achieve great style – at home, without having to rely so much on the salon.

Who is your hair icon?

For me, I love big, beautiful hair.  It’s a throwback to the sexy screen goddess styles of Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch, and Jane Fonda in Barbarella – but updated for a more modern approach. When done right, it’s sexy, timeless and done-but-undone. It’s playful and seductive – the essence of woman

The Face - Season 2

Photo: Fekkai

Be honest, is it really that important to trim your hair if you want it to grow?

Yes. A good haircut is a good investment to make because ultimately, it will be less maintenance in the long run. The style will grow out well, your hair will be less damaged with regular trims and the overall health of your hair will be better.

What’s a hair trend from another decade you hope never comes back?

 I don’t think it’s a specific decade, but there is nothing worse than someone who is stuck in time, or who tries to look exactly the same way every day. Even after you’ve found a look that is comfortable to you, you’ll need to hone it, refine it, and make minor adjustments to avoid this pitfall.   And it doesn’t have to be a major change to give you extra spark. A good trim will give you a clean look for a new season. Or maybe it’s time to change the shape or direction of your bangs. The nature of the change is less important than the constant re-evaluation.

Describe your hair philosophy.

My hair and beauty mantra is this: the simplest and the most natural styles are the most beautiful, therefore, I’d say “seductive”.



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