Hold Up—This Eyeliner Is Also an Eyelash Serum That Promotes Growth & Volume

Summer Cartwright
Hold Up—This Eyeliner Is Also an Eyelash Serum That Promotes Growth & Volume
Photo: Courtesy of Freck Beauty.

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Everybody, and I mean everybody—Brooke Shields included!—wants lusher and longer lashes. It’s just natural. I mean, nothing makes your eyes pop or highlights their unique color quite like some voluminous lashes. There are obviously incredible mascaras out there that get the job done, and there are even a bunch of dependable growth serums that can make some major long-term improvements, but there hasn’t been a product that combines both makeup and serum together…until now.

Freck Beauty just launched a truly one-of-a-kind eyeliner that also functions as a lash growth serum. The super-pigmented liquid liner does what you’d want it to: go on smoothly without smearing for a long-term stay. But it’s also jam-packed with vitamins, peptides and other supremely nourishing ingredients linked to hair growth. Though it’s new to the scene, there are already some impressive reviews and stats about the product.

For example, a consumer study found that 78 percent of participants saw fuller, more visible lashes after two months of consistent use. Think about it: You can go about your life as is, and conduct the same makeup routine you’ve always done, and wake up one morning to realize impressive lash growth. There’s nothing better than a simple item that’ll make your life easier and more seamless.

“My lashes have never looked so good!” wrote one reviewer. “The formula does not smudge easily and looks so good! The applicator is precise and allows smooth and sharp application. I definitely recommend this.”

Freck Lashrocket Eyeliner

Freck Lashrocket Eyeliner

Courtesy of Freck Beauty.

A few leading ingredients star in this multifunctional product’s show, including provitamin B5 which promotes fuller and longer hair, vitamins that condition lashes to prevent breakage and peptides that make lashes look like they’ve got a few layers of mascara over them.

If you’re thinking to yourself, “How does an eyeliner help my eyelashes?” you’re not alone. It’s a weird thing to think about, but consider this: just like how eyelash serums are applied along the lash line, so is eyeliner.

Boom. A whole new world of innovation.

While the nourishing formula is impressive in its growth capabilities, its aesthetic ones are just as grand. The deeply pigmented formula and the slim-tipped applicator combine to form your next great beauty staple. Reviewers say it’s so easy to use and achieve a delicate winged look, or to layer on for thicker moments.

I have been loving this eyeliner! It’s jet black and highly pigmented. I also really like the precise brush tip because it makes it easier to create the wing. It is really comfortable on the eyes.

“I love how pigmented and precise it is,” wrote one reviewer. “I was afraid I wouldn’t have as much control with it since I usually use felt tips. Most liners with this type of tip can deposit a lot of product down at once, but not with this liner. It is thin and I have total control over where the liner is placed. It applies over the eyeshadow I want it to on the first application so I’m not wasting product trying to get a dark black line.”

With this liner, you can do your eyeliner and grow your lashes all at once. What more could you want?