Framesi’s Morphosis Hair Spa Concept


The 64-year-old firm, Framesi, will be rolling out a new hair spa concept throughout Italy this summer. As reported by WWD this morning, the Morphosis salons, which previewed in Naples last year, will be based on a newly acquired software technology that lets hairstylists project images of the hair cuticle and scalp on a monitor with a micro camera. This allows the stylist to diagnose hair and scalp problems invisible to the naked eye. Once diagnosed, stylists can then treat specific hair and scalp problems more accurately than previously possible.

In addition to being able to accurately select salon treatments tailored to your needs, stylists will also be able to precisely recommend the best at-home products, from their two-year-old line by the same name.

Not only is Morphosis intended to pamper and treat your hair and scalp, but they are also bringing the spa to your salon with such perks as thirty-minute scalp massages before treatments.

Not heading to Italy this summer? Don’t fret… Morphosis hair products are expected to launch in the U.S. this summer (by the name Framesi Hair Treatment) and Framesi is looking to open its Morphosis hair spa concept in the U.S. this fall.

If your processed, thinning, or dry hair can’t wait that long, we hear flights to Italy are pretty cheap…