Who Is Sexier With A Lion? Rachel Weisz vs. Kirsten Dunst

Rachel Adler

Rachel Weisz has been a hot topic lately with her secret wedding to Daniel Craig and all…and we can’t stop talking about her just yet now that Bulgari has released their latest Jasmine Noir fragrance ad, featuring her cozying up with a lion.

134101 1310051682 Who Is Sexier With A Lion? Rachel Weisz vs. Kirsten Dunst

This shot comes after Kirsten Dunst’s famous nude lion shot, where the lion played a bit of a bigger role in the image, and Dunst was only covered by some silk fabric and a large perfume bottle.

For Weisz, she seems to have gotten awfully comfortable with the lion’s head, taking the fragrance bottle into her arms to cover her, um, nakedness.

What do you think of the two ads? Which do you prefer?