Taylor Swift Gets Her Own Scent, We Want Her To Beat Biebs

Rachel Adler

It was only a matter of time before megastar Taylor Swift would be launching her own fragrance, and well, that time has come. The 21-year-old who literally turns everything she touches to gold, has joined forces with Elizabeth Arden to launch Wonderstruck, named after her song Enchanted.

Swift, who spoke with WWD about the fragrance, said that, “I share personal life experiences through my music, and my fragrance will allow me to share these experiences with my fans in a completely different and new way. Falling in love is a moment every girl daydreams about and Wonderstruck represents that magical feeling of promise and hope and intrigue. It was fascinating to learn that you can layer so many different scents to create a beautiful end result.”

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The fragrance is composed of notes of freesia, green tea, apple blossom, raspberry and dewberry, to appeal to both Swift’s tastes and the tastes of an age group of 12-to 34-year-olds.As for the bottle design, Swift combined everythign that she loved-purple, birdcages and doves, the number 13 (she considers it lucky) and the Arabian star.

What is most interesting though, is the fact that Elizabeth Arden is planning a two year global launch around the scent, beginning with Swift’s social media presence. Swift is known for keeping in touch with her fans via Facebook and Twitter, and Arden wants to take advantage of this during the launch, planning on doing “exensive sampling” with a campaign that could include 37 million scented strips. We’re interested to see how the media campaign impacts the growth of the fragrance, and we’re also quietly rooting for her to outsell the Biebs

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