Strange Invisible Perfumes Launches Astrological Scents

Rachel Adler

I have admittedly never been a huge astrology buff. That is, until I started working in the fashion industry. You have no idea how many people in this industry live and die by Susan Miller’s forecasts every month, and swear that they are only friends with you (or dating so and so) because they are a certain sign.

So obviously I had to see what all of the fuss was about, and when I realized for one, my sign was spot on (Virgo) and two, these forecasts actually really do predict my future, the astrological bug had officially bitten me. And apparently, the bug has also gotten it’s hold onto the fragrance industry, as Strange Invisible Perfumes, a California-based organic fragrance brand is releasing 12 limited-edition astrological scents.

The perfumes were designed to capture the characteristics of each sign and the launch will correlate with opposing signs on the astrological wheel (Virgo and Pisces) and two scents will follow each month through January.

For us Virgos, who are known to be perfectionists, the scents are made up of a mix of earthy notes such as sandalwood, neroli, rose and mandarin. For the Pisces (known for their changeable water elements), their fragrance is a mix of cedarwood, black pepper, jasmine and lime.

The perfumes will be available starting late-August for $275 per 1.7 fl oz at

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