Sephora’s Sensorium: A New Way to Think of Fragrance

Amanda Elser

Today,Sephora will open their temporary “Sensorium: An Immersive Journey Through Lucid Dreams From the Sensory World”to the public as a way to change the way we use our sense of smell and to create a “multisensory experience though a series of compelling encounters featuring one-of-a-kind scents.”

The Sensorium, located at 414 West 14th Street, is a 4-D scentsory experience.

The fragrance museum was a collaboration with Sephora and Firmenich in an effort to create an “interactive journey that helps you experience the profound influence fragrance plays in your everyday life.”Sharon Rothstein, senior vice president of marketing for Sephora said that the goal is to get consumers to think of fragrances in a whole new way.

The exhibit starts by taking you through an all-encompassing timeline of perfumology. Upon entering a sensory deprivation chamber, you hear first hand accounts of people who have lost their sense of smell. Next, the exhibit leads you through a maze of “emotional scent interactions,” ending at the fragrance bar.

There you can smell unbranded flights of fragrance which will help you discover your “scent identity” and your next signature perfume, since some perfumes will be available for purchase.

In addition to discovering a new found appreciation for perfumes and fragrances, your $15 admission feee is redeemable as a $15 Sephora gift card.

The exhibit is open until November 27. I definitely suggest stopping by if you find yourself in the Meat Packing District sometime in the next month.