Louis Vuitton Guides Us Through Paris, Via Iconic Perfumes

Amanda Elser

Only Louis Vuitton and Paris can make the history of perfumes feel so romantic.

Paris’ iconic fashion house released its 2012 guide to the City of Lights called “Paris & Perfumes,” which highlights the history of perfumes up and down the Avenue Montagne.The short video highlights famous fragrances of fashion houses past, including Chanel No. 5 and Yves Saint Laurent’sParisienne, as well as current innovators behind Parisian scents like the House of Caron (where crystal fountains dispense perfume allowing you to fill your own bottle directly from the source).

If you’re in the mood for a whimsical, fun and cultural explanation of the Paris’ perfumer past, watch this video (produced byMathias Vayer and directed byRomain Chassaing), take time to spritz on your fave scent, and then lie back and enjoy it with a macaron…or two.

(via Hypebeast)