Leighton Meester Talks Vera Wang’s “Lovestruck”


A modest Leighton Meester is beyond flattered that Vera Wang even knows who she is, so you can imagine her excitement when the famed designer chose her as the face of her new Lovestruck fragrance campaign. In this adorably frank new interview, Meester reveals that she looks up to Wang and admires her innate understanding of what women want. We hear that!

In terms of the fragrance, Meester describes the scent not so much by its smell but rather by the emotion it evokes — the dark, uncontrollable feeling when you first fall in love with someone. A feeling that Meester describes as “frightening,” but nevertheless, she is “lovestruck” by Wang’s scent.

So what has the Gossip Girl star lovestruck? New York City, a place that provides a perfect backdrop for dangerously falling in love. She also reveals who has her heart at the moment, but we don’t want to spoil that for you — you’ll need to watch the video to find out.

Check out the interview below!

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