Layer Your Fragrances for Summer Scent Staying-Power


We spend quite a bit of time and energy heat-proofing our makeup during these hot and humid summer months. However, a very commonyet overlookedbeauty complaint is the disappearing fragrance. You spray it on in the morning, and by lunchtime you can’t smell it anymore. Thanks to the heat, perfume often evaporates once it mixes with sweatgross, but true.

So, if you want your fragrance of choice to last as long as your eyeshadow, the same principle applies: layer it! Using multiple scented products, such as body wash and lotion, underneath your eau de parfum ensures that you’ll smell just as lovely during the morning commute as you will at an after-work cocktail party. Solid perfumes and rollerballs are purse-friendly backups, especially now that many fragrances have their own travel-sized versions.

Here are five of my favorite fragrance collections. Layer up!