Frédéric Malle Answers a Few Questions About His New Book

Rachel Adler

Last night I took a little trip uptown to Barneys New York for the Frdric Malle On Perfume Making book launch. It was a night filled with glamour and I’m not just talking about the book with its pages of gorgeous illustrations. I got a few minutes of Frdric’s time to chat about his new perfume book and while he said it was “very difficult” to write, he jokingly commented that it was a nice change to “torture a painter” this time around.

What are you hoping to get across with this book?

I just want people to know with this business is about, the way I see it. Without romancing, without anything – it’s just a matter of fact. It looks quite grand because of Konstantin Kakanias illustrations. But, the text is really all about how we work.

Can we expect more writing from you in the future?

Probably not. Unless I have something to say.

What else can we expect from you in the future?

Many fragrances, new ways of diffusing – things like that.

If you’re crazy about fragrances like I am then you NEED to pick up your own copy. If not, it’s great coffee table book filled with gorgeous art! Available at Barneys, here.

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