Elisa Sednaoui On Her New Gig At Cavalli & Staying Natural


Model and actress Elisa Sednaoui is a walking, talking juxtaposition. As the newest member of the Roberto Cavalli family (she’s the face of his new Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum), she’s a bona fide babe oozing this cooler-than-cool confident charm and utterly undeniable Italian sex appeal (which is to be expected of anyone who is so closely associated with the Cavalli brand). However, she herself is a full-blown advocate of pared-down pretty and bare-bones natural sexiness—we’re talking always fresh-faced, rarely wears makeup, loves lounging in pajamas, ‘Oh, this old thing?’ type of sexy…

With that said, we guess it’s not hard at all to see why Cavalli handpicked her to front this simple but sultry fragrance campaign. Sednaoui recently chatted with Beauty High on her exciting new gig, so read on to see how she feels about being the face of this sumptuous scent, exactly how and where she applies her perfume, and the one beauty product she absolutely loathes.

On how it feels to be a Cavalli girl:

It’s a great honor and fun to be the face of the fragrance—I got the offer and it was an Italian brand that I like and it was very instinctive and simple to accept [the offer]. I also prayed and asked God, ‘What do you think? Is this the right thing to do?’ And then I decided to do it.

On what connects her to this specific scent:

It’s interesting, I actually don’t like many scents, but what I like about this one is that it’s a strong, powerful fragrance that has this certain softness; the back of it is sweet. It really makes me think about this softness that a woman needs to have. She needs to be powerful but soft at the same time.

On her perfume placement technique:

I spray it into the air, and I walk into it. I like it that way because it falls evenly onto me. I have no rule about when I do it, sometimes right after the shower, but mostly after I’m already dressed.

On her makeup mantra:

I actually don’t apply a lot of makeup during the day. Evenings and certain events are different, but in everyday life I don’t. And it’s interesting; men always say ‘Don’t wear any makeup, you look better without makeup.’ They like the dark circles; they like to see your skin the way it is. It’s kind of a sign of confidence too, to say ‘Hey, this is who I am. I’ll show you—I’m not hiding behind anything.’ The message is, I’m fine with who I am.

On her personal primping routine:

I believe that sexuality and beauty comes from something that is natural and real, so I generally wash my hair and let it dry because I like my natural curls in it, and moisturizing my face with cream after I wash it is important too.

On lipstick vs. lipgloss vs. lip balm:

Not lip-gloss—I hate gloss. Gloss is awful! It has a very bad consistency, especially for kissing. I love lipstick, but I’m not very good at applying it myself so I leave it. Lip moisturizer for sure. My lips always need to be moisturized.

On the best beauty advice she’s ever received:

A makeup artist once taught me this—when you don’t want to look like you’re wearing makeup, but you want your eyes look wide and open, just dust a little brown powder in between your lashes, at the root of your lash line. Just reinforcing that line helps the eye look bigger without looking like you’re wearing makeup. That was the best advice ever.