Chanel Reinvents Coco’s Final Perfume In Honor of Her B-Day

Rachel Adler

In honor of Coco Chanel’s 128th birthday, the iconic brand has chosen to mark the date of it’s namesake (and one of fashion’s most influential icon’s of all time) by updating Chanel N19 Poudre, the last fragrance that was made with the help of Mademoiselle Chanel.

Chanel’s perfumer Jacques Polge has created a reinterpretion of the fragrance from 1970, resulting in a complex scent that adds musky powder notes to the original iris accord. The green tint to the juice remains the same, as well as the bottle– an ode to the original fragrance– something we think the Mademoiselle would appreciate.

Chanel N19 Poudre,

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