Aldo Launches New Fragrance Collection Defined by Colors


Not everyone may have a favorite fragrance, but there is one thing everyone does have a favorite type of: color! That, at least, is the inspiration behind footwear and accessory line Aldo‘s new fragrance collection, A is for ALDO.

The five piece collection includes the scents Red, Yellow, and Blue for women, as well as Red and Yellow for men. The idea is that based on which color you are drawn to, your personality is determined, and therefore your ideal fragrance.

“Colors are like personalities,” says Douglas Bensadoun, ALDO Creative Director. “Scents can be complex, but everyone knows their favorite color. It’s never been easier to find yourself.”

What do you think of this new idea? Can scents be defined by color? Or is there no connection between the two concepts? Let us know!