8 New Fragrances to Try For Fall

Rachel Nussbaum
8 New Fragrances to Try For Fall
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Fall is a time of transitions. Iced coffee to spiced chai, bright lips to bordeaux, ankle boots to taller boots–it’s just a whole new us. Yet none are more transformative than the fragrance shift, because besides the smell of crisp leaves and cash being dropped on new coats around the nation, there’s nothing better than a new perfume to get us into that autumn mood.

Fall fragrances are typically a little heavier and woodsier, a welcome change from the light florals and citruses we go for when it’s too hot to wear anything weighty, clothes or otherwise. It’s bippity boppity boo magical: with just one whiff of a fresh fragrance, we turn from a sweaty mess into the glossy-haired, camel coat-wearing women of our September issue dreams (basically). Regardless, here are some exciting new contenders for our favorite fall perfumes. Not quite a genie in a bottle, but close enough.

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This fall's fragrances have us spritzing up a storm.

We can't hear about this perfume without thinking of Petula Clark's "Downtown," but that's not a bad thing. The scent's described as a "floral-woody," which sounds like just the right thing to take us from short sleeves to sweaters.

Calvin Klein Downtown, $65, Macy's

Photo: Image via Parfumerie Cara Nagelstudio/Image via Parfumerie Cara Nagelstudio

Cryogenics still seems iffy, but fortunately, you can now buy
life! We're not talking Botox, either. Fresh's new
perfume, Life, "captures the ultimate Fresh moment, conjuring the
freshness of a clear blue sky, sweet morning air, a sparkling sun, and
velvety water." We feel wiser already.

Fresh Life Eau de Parfu, $66.12, QVC

Photo: Image via QVC/Image via QVC

Estée Lauder's Modern Muse is a blend of "rich florals and sleek woods," and we're pretty sure this is our dream fragrance. 

Estée Lauder 'Modern Muse,' $78, Nordstrom

Photo: Image via Bloomingdales/Image via Bloomingdales

The quirky house's new "couture scent" is described as fresh, simple and charming, all of which fit their girl to a T. We always want things more when they're harder to get (it'll be our downfall), and according to Saks' website, customers can't order more than six units per month. That's a lot of perfume, but still! We need.

Carven Le Parfum, $84, Saks Fifth Avenue

Photo: Image via The Candy Perfume Boy/Image via The Candy Perfume Boy

Jo Malone's always been popular for his sophisticated, restrained fragrances, and this blend of nectarine and honey strikes the perfect balance to take you through the last days of summer and on into fall without missing a beat.

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom & Honey Cologne, $80, Bloomingdales

Photo: Image via Bloomingdales/Image via Bloomingdales

Mori's new scent is the "grand finale of the Eau de Collection series," with a spotlight on Kyoto cherry blossom, plum nectar and passion flower. The blend of "East meets West" is an interesting concept, and we've never met a cherry blossom we didn't stick our nose all the way into.

Hanae Mori 'Eau de Collection N° 8,' $99, Nordstrom

Photo: Image via Von Maur/Image via Von Maur

Flash is inspired by "the cool rush of excitement and the sense of power a woman feels when dressed in a pair of sexy shoes," but we're willing to bet you don't need a pair of Choos to feel good with this on. With notes of pink pepper, jasmine and white woods, we're hoping it'll turn us into the Jimmy Choo ad model we all want to be.

Jimmy Choo Flash, $75, Sephora

Photo: Image via Bloomingdales/Image via Bloomingdales

Michael Kor's new fragrance trio is based on the three components of the
Kors woman, and with citrus, amber and jasmine scents, we're excited
both about wearing them alone and exploring their layering potential.

Michael Kors Sporty Citrus, Sexy Amber, Glam Jasmine, $75, Michael Kors

Photo: Image via Fragrantica/Image via Fragrantica

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