How to Shop for Fragrances Based on Your Fave Cocktail

Caitlin S. Miller
fragrance cocktails How to Shop for Fragrances Based on Your Fave Cocktail

Photo: Lacoste

It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, do you know what you’re ordering at the bar? Chances are you’ve got your go-to sip of choice on lock—margarita on the rocks, hold the salt please. But rewind the clock a few hours to when you were just about the leave the house. Do you know what fragrance you’re spritzing? If the answer is no, we can relate. For many of us, the latter can much more of a challenge. But just as it takes some experimenting to find your favorite happy hour drink, finding your signature scent can take some trial and error too. “To find your signature scent, visit a department store fragrance area, think about how you want to feel emotionally and then find a brand which you are drawn to,” explains Will Andrews, Scientist and Senior Evaluator at P&G Prestige. As your favorite drink represents your tastes and preferences (you know if you’re a whisky woman), your fragrance choice is “driven by how you feel and what you stand for,” says Andrews. To help you zone in on the fragrance that’s right for you, we’ve made a handy guide to finding your fragrance based on your spirit of choice.

If you prefer cosmos or mixed drinks
You Carrie Bradshaw, you! Other than reciting every word to “Semi-Charmed Life” off-key with your friends, playful drinks are some of the most fun you can have at the bar. (Umbrella straw, anyone?) “If you like a sweet, sugary drink that is full of fizz and fun, then try a fragrance which has edible notes, particularly those which smell good enough to eat,” explains Andrews. These fragrances should stand out from the blotter or your wrist when you test it, he adds. Try the new—and our favorite out of the brand’s three new fragrance launches, Sparkling, Elegant, and Natural—Lacoste L.12.12 Pour Elle in Sparkling ($43,, which has a crunchy and mouthwatering red apple accord and a sweet macaron-base note.

If you prefer gin or red wine
OK, we know gin and wine are quite different. But let’s be real, those who favor a strong cabernet and those who down a gin and tonic are similar: They know what they want. And with strong nature-driven flavors, gin and wine are sure to have drinkers who prefer a strong perfume choice as well. “If you like a drink that is that a little less sweet and possibly drier, then you should look for fragrances which are predominantly herbal or [have] woody notes, because you are likely to enjoy wearing these,” explains Andrews. Try Pinrose Moonlight Gypsy ($55,, which blends cardamom and orange blossom for an enchanting yet woodsy touch.

If you prefer whisky or tequila
We’re just going to say it—you’re the cool one of the group. You’re bold, self-assured, and downright fun.”For someone that likes to go for experiences with a bolder and stronger personality, then you will probably prefer a more powerful fragrance, and will also love the opportunity to try something new—something that you have never dared to try before!” says Andrews. “Why not try a new type of super feminine rich floral, a playful candy-like note or something with a powerful spicy, woody note?” Bottom line: You’re down for anything. Not for the faint of heart, one of our favorites is a powerful and woody oud like Clean Reserve Sueded Oud ($90,, which is a smoother take on the traditional scent. Go big or go home, right?

Our best suggestion when it comes to fragrance: Have fun and live your life. YOLO, amirite?

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