Four Hairstyle Tips For Making A Wedding Updo Last All Night



Styling an updo for the most important day of your life requires a little patience and a lot of bobby pins! Not only does the wedding updo have to look good from all angles, but it’s got to last from pre-ceremony photos right up until the last dance.

“Updos or ‘styleups’, as we call them, are no longer about tight, slicked back hair with pincurls and tendrils. That’s very 1992!” says Mar Romero, Creative Director and Founder of TEAM Hair and Makeup, a Santa Barbara, California-based studio specializing in weddings. “Today, brides want looser, more natural wedding hairstyles with lots of volume and wispy pieces.” Here are her key tips to creating a soft, touchable but long-wearing wedding updo.

1. Get a good set of hot rollers. Hot rollers are key to creating loose, natural-looking curls. Wash your hair, apply some curling cream to the roots, flip your head over and blow dry upside down. Flip hair again and brush it out lightly. When your hair is dry, section off large pieces and set them in hot rollers, starting at your forehead, working your way to the sides, and finishing with the back. Rub some curling cream between your palms, remove the rollers, then finger-style to reduce frizz. “You’ll be left with soft, piece-y curls that are easy to sweep up and pin in place,” says Romero.

2. Use the train track bobby pin method. “When you’re ready to create the updo, put away your comb and brush. All you need are your fingers and bobby pins,” advises Romero who swears by Marianna Supreme Bobby Pins. “They’re a trade secret. They don’t slip, and they come in colors to match your hair.” Starting at the front of your head, take a three-inch section and gently pull it back, securing with two bobby pins, criss-crossed like a train track. “The criss-cross method ensures that hair stays in place, even through all that hugging and dancing.” Work your way around your entire head, sweeping each section back and securing with two pins.

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3. Use a light hold hairspray. Once your wedding updo is perfectly styled, mist it all over with a light hairspray. Hold the can six to eight inches away from your hair so it goes on smoothly and won’t create clumps.

4. Give yourself the once-over from all angles. Double check your wedding updo in the mirror two mirrors are even better so you can see your hair at different angles. If you notice any strays, dab a little more curling cream on the ends. You can also pull out a few wispy pieces around your face.

Contributed by Brett Hill for Daily Makeover.

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