This Electric Toothbrush Will Get You Excited to Brush

Sable Yong

issa foreo toothbrush 2 This Electric Toothbrush Will Get You Excited to Brush

As someone who’s looking down the barrel of 30, I’ve prided myself on managing to have made it this far without one single cavity. That was, until a recent dental cleaning revealed that my once incident-less routine was no match for the three cavities insistent upon burrowing into my molars.

I made moves to step up my toothbrush game with a Foreo Issa. Electric toothbrushes are generally hailed as the holy grail of dental hygiene but they also don’t come cheap—might as well get one that doesn’t require a replacement head every other month, which is what drew me to the Foreo Issa initially (one toothbrush head lasts a full year).

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Another differentiating factor is that it’s entirely coated in silicone, including the bristles. Sounds weird, but after using it for a few weeks, I don’t see why all toothbrushes aren’t made of silicone—they’re just way more comfortable on sensitive gums (like mine). Think of it like the konjac sponge for your teeth: super gentle but very effective at scrubbing.

Also, for someone who apparently has been doing it all wrong (or wrong enough that I somehow racked up three cavities in the last two years), this toothbrush has timed pulses that tell me when to move on to another “quadrant” of my mouth. I’ve never thought of my teeth in terms of quadrants, but assigning them as such and taking time to really clean each one is an undeniably satisfying feeling.

I tend to have the vibration intensity dialed all the way up, so I can move the brush slowly (read: lazily) around my teeth without having to press super hard against them. Without those haphazard sawing motions you get with manual toothbrushes, brushing my teeth with the Foreo Issa has actually become a relaxing ritual.

It’s nice to have a toothbrush that’s also a dental coach—and not the annoying kind either. Just a soft buzz buzz and I know to move on and keep brushing until it shuts off automatically.

The end result? No bleeding gums, just squeaky-clean teeth—which I have a feeling will equate to many filling-free dentist’s visits to come.

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