8 Foods That Have Been Staining Your Teeth

Ashley Okwuosa

foods that stain your teeth

We love a perfect smile, but in order to achieve one we need to keep our pearly whites, well, white. There are plenty of products we can use and steps that we can take to keep our teeth in great shape, but have you ever considered that the foods you eat every day could be staining your teeth? As much as we love certain foods, once we realized they can stain our teeth, we’re double thinking what we eat for lunch.

Below, we explain eight foods that have been staining your teeth. If you want a whiter than white smile, avoid these!

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Berries: Berries are juicy and nutritious fruits, but their richly colored pigments can stick to your enamel, leaving you with a filmy coat over your teeth.

Beets: We’d hate to get beets on our clothes, so just imagine what they can do to your teeth after one too many. Make sure to brush your teeth immediately after eating them to avoid giving time for stains to develop.

Crackers: Who would’ve thought? Many crackers are made of refined carbohydrates, which turn into sugar and become feeding ground for bacteria.

Balsamic Vinegar: Deeply pigmented and full of acid, balsamic vinegar is made up of all the things that will stain your teeth. Try limiting your intake to just salad dressing — the lettuce helps form a protective barrier and lessens the staining power.

Pickles: Pickles are a tasty treat for some, but what most people don’t realize it’s doing damage. The sour taste of a pickle is the same thing that could be wearing down your tooth enamel. The acid in pickles can erode your enamel and cause staining.

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Coffee and Tea: We love our morning coffee. Whether you’re a cappuccino girl or you prefer tea, excessive drinking of these beverages will cause staining. Pigments from both coffee and tea can leave a yellow stain behind if you’re a habitual drinker.

Walnuts: Nuts contain a large amount of vitamin E which is essential for a balanced diet, but an excessive consumption of black walnuts in particular will leave your teeth stained.

Tomato Sauce: Tomatoes contain a high acidity level and coupled with their bright red coloring, tomato sauce (and ketchup) should definitely be eaten in moderation in order to avoid staining and enamel erosion.

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