8 Foods That Are Making You Bloated

Augusta Falletta

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Nothing makes you feel tired and gross more than being bloated. We love a good greasy fast food meal as much as the next girl, but when that comes with the consequences of bloating afterwards, all you want to do is put on some sweatpants and take a nap. Caused by eating too much, eating too fast, and eating too much food that’s hard to digest, bloating can be prevented if you cut back on certain things. Below is a list of foods that are responsible for making you bloated so you’ll know what to avoid!

Beans: The kind of carbohydrate and sugars found in beans can only be processed via the large intestine, which can cause gas and, thus, bloating.

Artificial Sweeteners: Whether you add artificial sugar to your coffee in the morning or you live off of sodas and juices that are sweetened artificially, sugar alcohol will cause you to bloat. Plus, if you’re drinking carbonated sugary drinks, you’re doubling the bloat factor. Cutting down on sugary foods and replacing them with naturally sweet alternatives (like fruits!) will help to stop the bloat.

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Dairy: Because lactose and sugar can be harder to digest in the stomach, dairy can stay in the stomach longer, causing you to feel bloated. Stick to a limited amount of milk or cheese, and switch to low fat milk to cut down a bit.

Processed Food: Anything that’s processed is packed with tons of sodium so that it can last longer, but that sodium is what will make you completely bloated. When you can, buy natural foods that aren’t processed (and stay away from frozen meals and canned soup as much as possible).

Starchy Foods: Too many carbs in general can cause bloating, but starchy carbs are even worse because they require extra digestion in the large intestine. White pasta, bread, or rice are packed with extra starches, so try to stick to whole grains and brown carbs instead.

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Cruciferous Veggies: Just because a food is natural doesn’t mean it won’t make you bloat. Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli and brussels have a similar sugar to the one found in beans that makes the digestion need to happen through your large intestine. Swap out these veggies for darker, leafy greens to avoid excess bloating.

Gum: Not technically a food, but your body thinks it should be digesting something when you’re chewing gum, because it triggers the digestive functions. While you’re chewing gum, you’re also swallowing air for no reason, which quite literally makes you bloated because you’re filling yourself up with air.

Fatty Foods: Between the excess sodium and the fat that’s harder to digest, fatty foods — anything fried or greasy — make for some serious bloat. They take longer to digest than protein, which causes you to experience bloating.

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