8 Foods to Add to Your Diet to Prevent Wrinkles

Korin Miller
Karen Schuld/Getty

Karen Schuld/Getty

Dermatologists agree: The best way to prevent wrinkles is to limit sun exposure, avoid smoking, drink plenty of water, and use creams that contain retinols. But research has found that eating certain fruits and vegetables can also keep your skin from sagging.

Start incorporating these foods that prevent wrinkles into your diet now, so you can have smoother, healthier-looking skin later.

Blueberries don’t just boost your mental and cardiovascular health: They’re packed with polyphenols, a powerful antioxidant which help preserve your skin’s collagen and elasticity by fighting free radicals.

This fish is full of wrinkle-fighting omega-3 fatty acids, which help keep your skin moisturized and prevent redness and swelling. Aim to eat one to two servings a week—salmon is great on its own or over a salad—to reap the benefits.

According to a study published in the European Journal of Nutrition, ingesting soy regularly can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Study participants saw significant results in six months—and they had less dark spots and under eye circles, too!

It’s no wonder this powerful leafy green has been dubbed a superfood. In addition to all its health benefits, kale contains the wrinkle-fighting antioxidant lutein, iron, which helps get more oxygen to your skin, and vitamin A, which helps fight premature aging. Luckily, you can slip kale into pretty much everything without altering the taste. Smoothies, salads, and side dishes are easy ways to up your kale intake.

Pomegranates contain a host of wrinkle-reducing ingredients: Ellagic acid (a compound that fights free radical damage), punicalagin (a nutrient that has been linked to skin’s collagen preservation), and vitamin C, which helps protect your skin against sun damage. Nibble on a handful of pomegranate seeds once a week to see results.

These veggies are packed with the antioxidant vitamins E and A, as well as bioflavonoids, which can help moisturize your skin. Incorporate them into your diet by snacking on baby carrots a few times a week, or sprinkling shredded ones over a salad.

This berry has high antioxidant levels and has been found to fight superoxide, a skin-damaging free radical. Fresh acai berries can be hard to find, but you can typically find them in your grocery store’s freezer section. Sprinkle them over yogurt or blend them into a smoothie a few times a week.

A study from the University Paris Descartes found that apple pectin may help promote epidermal growth and fight the appearance of aging in skin. Snack on an apple with nut butter several times a week to max out the effect.

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