If You’re Constantly Breaking Out, These Foods Could Be to Blame

Samantha Freeman
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We’ve always been concerned with keeping our skin looking healthy and fresh. We own every product we can get our hands on to keep our skin acne-free, from cleansers and scrubs to masques and moisturizers. Essentially, we’ll try almost anything that says it can help us maintain flawless skin. Sometimes, though, it’s not the products you’re using that are effecting your skin so much as what you’re putting inside of your body.

Below, we’ve complied a list of eight foods that are known to increase acne breakouts. By cutting down on these foods, you’ll be able to work towards better skin from the inside out.

Refined Carbs
Processed foods that contain high levels of sugar such as white bread, pastas and cakes can cause serious outbreaks. Scientists and dietitians believe that foods with higher sugar levels make your insulin level rise, which can mean clogged pores. Try your best to stay away from refined carbs.

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Dairy is a major trigger to acne breakouts. The hormones cows are fed are usually bad for our bodies and can increase oil intake to our glands. Buying organic milk, cheese, or yogurt may not be the answer, though. Instead, switch up your morning breakfast with almond or coconut milk and stick to as little dairy as possible.

Our favorite guilty pleasure may actually be hurting us. Studies show that chocolate may not be the reason acne starts, but could instead make existing acne worse. When you’re in the middle of a bad breakout, lay off the chocolate bars.

Ever wake up in the morning with puffy eyes and cheeks? We can blame the bloating on our salt intake. Too much salt causes our bodies to retain water, which inflames skin, causing splotchiness and uneven skin tone.

Foods aren’t the only things that are having negative effects on your skin. What you drink effects your skin, too. The properties in alcohol make you dehydrated and ultimately take the good moisture out of your skin, which can cause serious breakouts. Plus, without moisture, deep lines and wrinkles have an easier time coming out, which is why alcohol ages people so quickly.

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A regular intake of shellfish can have negative long-term effects on our skin. Shrimp, crab, and lobster contain high levels of iodine, which can cause acne. Though there is no connection between having shrimp for dinner and breaking out the next morning, regularly eating a lot of shellfish over a long period of time can create significant negative changes in your skin.

Fried Foods
Staying away from french fries, donuts, and potato chips can make your skin (and your body!) look healthier and feel better. The fats in fried food clog pores, aging your skin significantly. Instead, try healthy fats like avocado and olive oil to give your body the nutrients it needs without the added negative effects.

Red Meat
A property in red meat known as carnitine can clog blood vessels, which can really wreak havoc on skin. A burger or steak is fine every once in a while, but avoiding red meat on a regular basis will do wonders for your skin.