Following the [Ring] Leader


International superstar tours typically yield a grotesque amount of weird merchandise: Bon Jovi doggie bandanas, Madonna disco balls (okay, we kinda want that), and U2 salt and pepper shakers are all available to be bought and paid for by the zealous fan. But a world tour-inspired scent?

Leave it to Britney Spears to tap into that one: Circus Fantasy, the latest addition to the singer’s Fantasy perfume series, will be available later this month. And the scent is in good company– not only have the other members of the Fantasy dynasty been very successful, but its Midnight version has been described by The New York Times‘ Chandler Burr as “Chanel No. 5 [with a] Jolly Rancher flavor’…that “<a href="; target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>explodes delightfully off the skin.” We think he was kidding.

Circus Fantasy blends notes of raspberry, apricot blossom, waterlily, red sweetheart orchid, and vanilla musk. The floral, fruity scent is contained in a bright blue counterpart to the hot pink and deep maroon spherical bottles of Fantasy, Midnight Fantasy, and Hidden Fantasy.

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