Flesh’s Hot Sauce Lip Gloss Promises to Be Sweet, Not Sticky

Elizabeth Denton
Flesh’s Hot Sauce Lip Gloss Promises to Be Sweet, Not Sticky
Photo: Getty Images.

One of this year’s best beauty trends, in my opinion, is the return of glossy lips. There was one point a few years ago, around the time Kylie Jenner debuted her first Kylie Cosmetics lip kits, when all anyone wore was ultra-matte lipstick. And though we doubt matte lips will ever go totally out of style, we’re craving a lighter look—especially for summer. Enter Flesh Hot Sauce Lip Gloss, a new line from the Ulta-exclusive brand. No, it’s not spicy like Sriracha but it does promise to be sweet.

The collection features 10 natural-looking hues created to give all skin tones a “nude” lip they’ll love. It’s a non-sticky, vegan formula that leaves behind glassy shine with a hint of sweet mint and vanilla. And don’t think this is the thick gloppy gloss of the ’90s. Hot Sauce is lightweight and won’t get stuck in your hair at the first sign of wind. (Been there.)

flesh lip gloss

Image: Courtesy of Flesh.

Shades include: She Wakes (a dusty pink), Like Stillness (a coral), To the Window (a rose), Steamed Blurry (a rosy beige), Her Exhalation (a dusty mauve), Wind Whirled (a warm berry), In Petal Confetti (a red wine), A Snow Globe (a muted plum), A Passing Moment (a Rasberry) and In the Damp (a cool burgundy). Did you notice something? Yup, the shade names read like a poem when said together.

Flesh Hot Sauce Lip Gloss launches retails for $18 in Ulta stores and online.