How to Get Flat Wavy Hair in 5 Minutes

Victoria Moorhouse

Photo: Imaxtree

We’ll attempt everything in our power to stop our hairstyles from falling flat. Dry shampoo, regular in-salon blowouts, teasing—the higher the hair, the closer to hairstyling God. But what if we told you that your blowout doesn’t need a lot of lift to look polished and sophisticated? Take this flat, wavy hairstyle created by Orlando Pita for Carolina Herrera’s most recent NYFW show. Instead of setting models hair with rollers to create height, he embraced sleek hair and added in long, loose waves to the length instead.

The result? Elegantly flat wavy hair that isn’t a chore to style. Here’s how to get the look.

Step 1: Start smooth.
After washing and rough drying, Pita added in TREsemme’s Get Sleek Blow Dry Balm ($6, from the roots to the tips and used a round brush to dry the hair. That’s what will give hair that smooth, fly-away-free finish.

Bonus tip: While blow-drying your hair will help smooth over the hair shaft, you can also get a similar look by parting damp hair in the center and working through a smoothing styling cream. Then, create two 3-strand braids. Sleep on the braids and undo them in the morning for gorgeous flat waves without any heat damage.

Step 2: Add curl.

Take two-inch sections of hair and a smaller barreled curling iron and, wrapping the hair down the wand, create your loose, S-shaped waves. This is how you’ll create the curl without the volume.

Step 3: Shine!
A sleek, Cher-in-the-sixties look is what we’re aiming for with these flat waves, so a mirrorlike sheen is essential. Pita spritzed on TREsemme’s Smooth and Silky Shine Spray ($6, to add a whole lot of shine and fight any humidity-induced frizz.

Voila! Your hair is literally perfect. At home blowouts have never been more of a breeze.

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