Instagram Insta-Glam: Flash Tattoos


Chances are, when you were a kid, temporary tattoos were the ultimate cool thing to wear. Since cartoon tattoos that “wash off in the tub” aren’t exactly socially acceptable as an adult, we were thrilled to learn of the latest hot trend: flash tattoos. While these temporary metallic tats gained a great deal of popularity this summer, they’re still fully wearable in the fall. Whether you choose to sport these shiny beauties as faux jewelry or just as a fun accent piece, they look incredibly chic no matter how you rock them.

Instagram users have been displaying their best flash tattoo pictures lately, making us want to rush out to the store and buy a package (or five). Take a look at some of these awesome flash tattoos and ideas for how to wear them, and let us know how you’ll be wearing your flash tats this fall in the comments section!

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