Here’s Exactly How to Do the Flare Highlighter Technique

Here’s Exactly How to Do the Flare Highlighter Technique
Photo: Stylecaster/Getty

Hey, quick question: Is there such a thing as too much highlight? Probably, but one Instagrammer’s new viral technique has us questioning everything. @thestudyofmakeup’s “flare” highlight is next-level, and we’re here for it.

If it literally looks like there’s a diamond on her cheek reflecting the light so sharply it could cut someone, well, that’s because there is. @thestudyofmakeup told Allure that she adds one Swarovski crystal to her cheekbone, and instead of using a fanned brush, she suggests using a wet eyeshadow brush. This way, instead of lightly brushing the powder across the cheekbone, the wetness of the eyeshadow brush sticks the pigment right in place and there is no extra fallout.

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She revealed that her go-to highlighter is Makeup Revolution’s Blushing Hearts Highlighter  (and, hi, it’s only $7!) because it’s “triple baked for maximum pigment pay-off and luminosity.”  She told Allure she only uses white highlighters because white reflects light better and is much brighter than something gold or pink. So there you have it. Now get out there and shine bright like a diamond, like Rihanna said.