To celebrate Flag Day, we've scoured Instagram to bring you nail art inspired by flags from all over the world.

Travel the World With These 20 Flag-Inspired Nail Art Designs

Sydney Scott

It’s Flag Day, and we figured why celebrate one flag when you can celebrate them all — especially with the Olympics coming up. Add our latest  obsession, nail art, and you’ve got a truly winning combination, so we’ve rounded up some cool flag-inspired nails from Instagram (which is essentially way better, cuter and more fun than just pictures of flags).

Besides our very own red, white and blue, we’ve also included nail art inspired by the flags of Brazil, Russia and the Netherlands. What better way to brush up on your knowledge of flags and get inspired to finally get a bold manicure? Plus, those of you who are hesitant about diving head-on into nail art, this is definitely a great place to start since these international nails are pretty easy to re-create.

Take a quick trip around the world and if you don’t see your flag represented, then post your international nail art over on the StyleCaster homepage!

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