Cure Tired, Puffy Eyes

Cucumber Chilled Eyes

New Year’s Eve recovery is in full effect, and now that your hangover has passed it’s time to refresh your look for 2012. Banish tired, puffy eyes with a few easy steps courtesy of our friends at BellaSugar. They grilled one dermatologist on the quickest way to de-puff your peepers.

Try on eyeshadow in the Makeover Studio

Step one: “I think the best thing is to use cool, cloth compresses,” explains celebrity dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer. He recommends applying them for about a minute or two and then repeating after about an hour.

Step two: Apply a touch of eye cream with hyaluronic acid in it. Products like Sephora’s Age Defy Eye Cream include HydroSenn+, a natural ingredient that immediately delivers hydration and instantly refreshes the under-eye area.

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