9 Ways to Fix Common Hair Mistakes

Janell M. Hickman
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Listen, we all make mistakes—especially when it comes to our hair. Quite often your daily hair routine (or habits) might be more harmful than helpful. We touched base with two lauded stylists to uncover 9 of the your most common hair mistakes and how to fix them. If you want strong, healthy hair, you’ll want to keep reading more.

 Mistake No.1: Assuming More Is Better
“Just because you apply triple the amount of product/treatment—or even go as far as to sleep in it, does not increase the benefits on your hair, “ shares celebrity hair stylist and salon owner Tina Pearson. “There’s no evidence that excess product or excessive conditioning will help damaged stands.  In most cases with premium products, less is actually more.”

Mistake No. 2: Trying DIY Chemical Treatments At-Home
“First off, don’t do chemicals at home!” warns Sean James Decuers, stylist at the Rita Hazan Salon in NYC. “[However, a treatment like] Rita Hazan’s Weekly Remedy will definitely help treat breakage. [When in doubt] the world’s best conditioner is a pair of scissors – they can mend split ends or over processed hair.”

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Mistake No.3: Going Too Blonde
“A quick 20-minute toner by visiting your favorite colorist or an over-the-counter box color hide the effects of fried strands and an unflattering hue,” says Pearson who works with actresses Gabrielle Union and Nia Long. “Be sure to stay away from going lighter or darker if its just the hue your looking to change.”

Mistake No. 4: Over Washing Your Strands
“Unless you have an oily scalp and/or your hair gets greasy by the end of the day [don’t wash daily],” advises Decuers. “The natural sebaceous oils from your scalp will not be able to condition the hair. Use dry shampoo instead!”

Mistake No. 5: Waiting for A Bad Cut to Grow Out
“A terrible haircut can be traumatic, however it can be easily disguised with a few clip on extensions or a French braid—if it wasn’t all cut off,” shares Pearson. “[You can also opt for] wigs, which are similar to fashion accessories. No one wears the same shoe, bags, jewelry everyday, so why not opt for a change with your hair?”

Mistake No. 6: Over Straightening Your Curls with Hot Tools
“Start by wearing your hair curly constantly,” says Decuers . “[Your curl will] usually start to bounce back in two to three weeks. Also, use curl enhancer products [whenever possible].”

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Mistake No.7: Using Oil Excessively to Battle A Dry Scalp
“[Before relying heavily on oils] always clean the scalp and hair with apple cider vinegar [wash] followed by a clarifying shampoo,” shares Pearson. “This [treatment] will remove any [previous] product build up.  [If applying oils] I suggest doing so while steaming the hair—it penetrates the shaft and scalp differently without leaving so much build up. For persistent dryness, check with your dermatologist and increase your daily water consumption.”

Mistake No.8: Brushing Too Aggressively
“We lose 100-150 strands of hair a day,” explains Decuers. “As long as you don’t brush too hard, anything less is fine. [Remember to also] pay attention to the hair on your head, not the floor.”

Mistake No.9: Relying on Hair Extensions Too Frequently
“[Extended wear of extensions] absolutely can take a toll on your hair,” says Pearson. “Try to take breaks as often as you can because the tension can lead to a lifetime of irreversible damage. Like most things, everything [should be used] in moderation.”