5 Face Masks That Transform Your Skin in Five Minutes or Less

Rachel Krause

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It’s no secret: sometimes five minutes is all we have. Whether we’re trying to pull our lives together before work in the morning or transform from day at the office to night out-ready in a snap, lackluster skin is one of those things that, unlike a bad hair day (texturizing spray and hot tools!) or a tired-looking face (bold lipstick!), can’t be fixed in a single step. Until now, that is—these face masks take no more than five minutes, and they’ll get your skin into tip-top shape in less time than it takes to get your eyeliner on. What’s that they say about two shakes of a lamb’s tail?

Five Minute Masks-PhilosophyWe wholeheartedly embrace anything that seems—or feels—strange at first glance, and Philosophy Purity Made Simple Mask is no exception. Upon application, it has a thick, gel-like texture that goes silky and almost oily on the skin while self-warming on contact, a not entirely unpleasant sensation that feels exactly as bizarre as it sounds. You can leave it on for 60 seconds or a bit longer, then just rinse to reveal glowy, thoroughly cleansed skin, courtesy of a unique formula that utilizes sea salt to add radiance and purge impurities in just one use.

Five Minute Masks-M-61M-61 Fast Blast is just that—a blast to the senses—thanks to a vitamin-packed formula that makes skin virtually beam with newfound clarity. It takes all of two minutes for this bubbly exfoliating treatment to work its brightening magic, and with soothing aloe and glycerin, even sensitive skin types can take advantage of its power.

Five Minute Masks-Malin+GoetzTalk about deeeeeep cleansing: the tingling sensation of Malin+Goetz Detox Face Mask not only makes you feel like it’s really working, but confirms that it is, indeed, really working. This mask does it all, firming the skin, reversing signs of aging, and purifying pores without overdrying, and it even removes makeup—it’s meant to be used in place of cleanser a couple times a week for smoother, clearer, detoxified skin.

Five Minute Masks-LancomeMoisturizing skin is one thing, but keeping it moisturized is another subject entirely. When skin is in dire need of a serious dose of hydration, we turn to Lancôme Hydra-Intense Masque for an instant moisture infusion that truly transforms parched skin.

Five Minute Masks-FreshFresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask is high on our list of our favorite skin care treatments ever, and for good reason—this fast-acting, antioxidant-rich mask is a godsend for all skin types, especially for those who could really use a little brightening boost. With a cooling feeling that energizes skin as it works, you’ll reveal softer, calmer, more radiant skin in just five minutes. Start the timer.

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