The 4 Fitness Moves Every Fashion Girl Should Know

It may be hard to believe, but being stylish can be hard on your body. Walking in high heels, lugging around overstuffed handbags, and maintaining good posture in that new favorite dress are style demands we can all relate to.  But these actions take a toll on your muscles and can lead to poor posture, pulled muscles, and tightening in places we don’t need want to be tight.  To solve our stylish needs, we turned to our fitness expert and XTend Barre founder Andrea Rogers to come up with some workout moves especially for the fashionable set.

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Andrea came into the StyleCaster Studio to design moves that will help you walk better, stand taller, and strengthen and tone your body to be able to tackle any fashion challenge.  Check out the video and join her as you strengthen your core, lengthen your thighs, and become a stronger, taller you. Soon enough you’ll be rocking your outfits with the poise and posture of a runway model. Enjoy!