What to Gift Your Health-Obsessed Friend, According to 5 #Fitspo Stars

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When it comes to gifting your fitness-obsessed friend, who better to ask for inspo than the #fitspo stars of Instagram? A Google search for gift ideas will get you only so far—and it never hurts to have a little expert advice.

Ahead, we chatted with five major fitness influencers to find out what they recommend giving the health freak in your life over the holidays.

fitness What to Gift Your Health Obsessed Friend, According to 5 #Fitspo Stars



A weekend escape to Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur California. 

“The perfect place to unwind from all the hustle and bustle of city life. This cliff-top retreat is solar powered and sits on top of the Big Sur coastline, which means views spanning miles and miles of oceans. It’s this view and the oneness of this retreat that brings so many people from far and wide.”

Polar Loop Crystal Activity Tracker, $159.95; at Polar USA

“Fitness tech is just getting more fashionable, and I can’t go past the Polar Loop Crystal Watch, which allows me to look super stylish while keeping my fitness in check. Adorned with Swarovski crystals, it’s the perfect addition to my sports-luxe outfit for day or night.”

caroline What to Gift Your Health Obsessed Friend, According to 5 #Fitspo Stars



Fitbit Charge HR, $229.95; at Fitbit

“This is not a newbie on the block, but it’s a newer version of the Fitbit; it’s by far the best activity monitor I’ve tried so far. It monitors my steps, sleep, heart rate, and much more, and it really makes me more aware of how much I move (steps) throughout the day. It almost becomes a little competition with yourself of how many steps you can take a day. It’s a great reminder for me, as I work an office job where I sit down for long period of times.”

the skinny confidential



Mira Wellness and Fitness Tracker, $169; at Amazon

“This holiday season, I will be getting my family and girlfriends the Mira Wellness and Fitness Tracker. Not only does it track your calories and steps, but it’s also so cute. The bracelet comes in gold and black, which looks chic with any outfit. I wear mine to work out, run errands, and even to happy hour. It’s really the perfect holiday gift!”

yoga girl



Yoga video guide; at Oneoeight

“I’ll be gifting my fitness-obsessed friends a monthly subscription to my favorite online yoga site: oneoeight.tv! There are hundreds of classes to choose from, and you can roll out your yoga mat right in your living room. It’s the best way to squeeze in your yoga practice during the holidays!”

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Microsoft Band, $249.99; at Microsoft

“We are loving the brand-new Microsoft Band. This fitness wearable is an awesome gift for anyone who is focused on living a healthier life and achieving more every day. We love the Band because we’re able to monitor our daily activity, including our heart rate, calorie expenditure, daily steps, and amount and quality of sleep. The information gained through the device allows us to constantly work on improving our routines and goals. We are also able to upload our training programs to the device to follow in the gym, while also receiving email, messages, and calendar and social media notifications without having our phone on us. So much great information on our wrists! Love it!”