Beauty, Fitness And Diet: At-Home Tips For Looking Your Summer Best


The dog days of summer are in full gear as we head into August. Beauty expert Alexis Wolfer of, top NYC personal trainer and fitness expert Lacey Stone of and NYC nutritionist and author of The Cheaters Diet, Marissa Lippert have rounded together their list of essential tips for looking and feeling your beach body best while staying cool and chic during the peak of warm weather.


1. To put your best face forward, exfoliating is key! For an inexpensive DIY solution, add ground oats to your facial cleanser to remove dead, dry, dull skin cells for a naturally fresh-faced and glowing complexion.

2. If you wake with puffy, dark or circle-laden eyes, steep two caffeinated tea bags in hot water before squeezing out the excess water and placing them in the fridge. Once cooled, use the tea bags as eye compresses to reduce darkness and puffiness, so youll like you slept like a baby (even if you were out all night).

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Tea bags do double duty for your undereye bags. Photo:

3. Mix cooled coffee grounds with coconut or olive oil for an exfoliating and cellulite-reducing body scrub while the results are only temporary, its a great pre-beach treat!

4. Prevention is best, but if you do get too much sun, apply cool whole milk compresses to the burn for 20 minutes or bathe in a mixture of water and whole milk to soothe the skin, prevent blistering and reduce peeling.

5. If your pores are larger than you would like (and makeup seems nothing short of gross in this heat) apply raw egg whites to your large pores. Let the egg whites dry before rinsing with cool water. Your pores will be noticeably smaller, for a more porcelain complexion.


1. If you have time walk to your friends house, or to dinner DO it. Use the stairs rather than the elevator optimize your time to get better results.

2. If you are too tired before or after work for a workout, take a cold shower. It will wake you up and get you all refreshed and ready to bring it!

3. If you workout outside bring a spritz bottle full of water. When you start to overheat, spray yourself on your face, behind your neck, at your elbow, wrist, and knee joint. Believe it or not these hot spots when cooled off are scientifically proven to add a pep to your step! How refreshing!

4. If you are going to workout run in the early morning before the heat hits.

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Hit the trail before the sun is sky high! Photo:

5. Sign up for a month long outdoor boot camp! Tons of trainers run workouts all over the country. Its cheaper than a gym membership and you get the camaraderie of a group!

BEST OF SUMMER EATING by Marissa Lippert

1. Whats one of the easiest ways to achieve a flat stomach when strutting your stuff on the beach? WATER! Stay hydrated in hot weather and drink plenty of non-caloric fluids like water or unsweetened iced tea, at least 1.5 liters per day. Getting plenty of liquids will help your digestion run more smoothly (read: less bloating) and helps you better distinguish hunger v. thirst.

2. When its hot out and youre looking for an afternoon snack to boost energy, reach for something refreshing and hydrating like watermelon, mango with a sprinkle of chili powder and lime juice, or cool and crisp cucumber slices with a few tablespoons of hummus. Packed with water, fiber and flavor, these fruits and veggies will fill you up in no time and are light on the calories.

3. It might be an odd thing to say, but remember to eat! When the weathers unbearably humid and sweltering, its easy to skip meals or forget to eat. Keep your metabolism running strong and blasting calories all day long by eating consistently every three to four hours opt for a light summery meal or even a simple snack.

4. Get grilling and take advantage of cooking outdoors in the warm weather. Grilling is a deliciously healthy and super low-fat method of cooking your favorite summertime eats like lean flank steak, chicken breasts, shrimp kebabs, veggies, corn and much more.

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5. Spice it up. Eating spicy foods causes your body to sweat more which is its natural way cooling itself. Get your own source of natural air conditioning and add some fresh hot chilis, a dash of cayenne pepper, hot sauce or salsa to recipes. Just keep a pitcher of water at the table for mouth-burning emergencies!

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