Fitness 101: The Ultimate Guide to Looking Great on Spring Break

Augusta Falletta

Sunbathing in a bikini at the pool

Ladies, the countdown to spring break vacation has officially started! Now that visions of beaches and tropical drinks have taken over our free time, we’re gearing up for our next vacation. Whether you’re heading on a road trip with girlfriends or you’ve booked a flight to an island in the sun, now’s the time to start thinking about getting your body beach-ready. We caught up with fitness and nutrition expert Mayling Kajiya, founder of Girl Uninterrupted, to get her best tips for spring break diet and exercise preparation. From hotel room exercises to which foods to cut from your diet, here are her expert tips for your best beach body.

Beauty High: What are the best kinds of exercises to get your body ready for a vacation? 

Mayling Kajiya: I’m a big proponent of interval workouts for two reasons. First, they take less time to complete than slower paced, distance-based workouts. Second, they get the body leaner faster. In addition to lifting, do the following: sprint for 20 seconds then jog for 40 seconds. Do this 10 times and you’re done in 10 minutes!

Are there certain foods to add to or cut from your diet to be vacation ready? 

To get “Cabo-lean,” you need to cut out all sugar, at least for a little while. No more soda, honey-dipped chicken wings, donuts or desserts. When you deprive your body of sugar, it naturally goes hunting for fat to burn and once it does that, your glorious beach abs will be revealed!

What kinds of workouts can you do without a gym (i.e. during vacation in your hotel room or on a beach)?

Sprinting on the beach is a great way to keep in shape and scope out some hotties at the same time. If you’d rather be a bit more reserved, there’s a gym in every hotel room. Yes, that’s right! For example, use the chair to do tricep dips for the arms and steps ups for your gluts, or decline pushups for your pecs. Also, remember that you should be getting plenty of rest while on vacation. This is a great time to practice the art of napping. If you’re out all day and up all night with friends, your body needs time to replenish and rejuvenate itself.

How often should you be eating and hydrating while on vacation? 

Simple math for spring break hydration: For each “drink” (whether it’s a sugary juice or an iced latte) you have, take in twice the volume of water. Chances are that you’ll be out in the sun, so be smart. I recommend always having a water bottle nearby and sipping throughout the day.

Is there a sunscreen you recommend that’s best for staying on despite sweating in the sun? 

No sunscreen can take the place of a hat to shield your face for harmful UV rays. However, I recommend waterproof SPF 35. Depending on your skin type, an SPF number that’s too low may not provide enough protection and too high a number may make you look like a ghost.

How soon before spring break should you start working out to get ready for the beach? 

That depends on how good you want to look, but I recommend getting started six weeks out. Many people recommend four weeks, but life happens, especially in college. So, if you start six weeks out, you’ll have a two week buffer just in case you get off track. Remember, diet first, workout second.

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