My Mom & I Got Mother-Daughter Botox—And We’re 30 Years Apart

Cierra Miller
My Mom & I Got Mother-Daughter Botox—And We’re 30 Years Apart
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I was 22 years old when I got Botox for the first time. While I felt confident in my choice, my mom was nervous about me doing something to my face (which she literally made) that she had never done before. Let’s just say her brows were raised–pun intended. At 52 years old, my mom had never even gotten a facial, let alone Botox. So you can imagine my surprise when one day she asked me, “Does Botox hurt? Do you think I could try it?”

My mom is like the older sister I never had, we share clothes, watch Love Island together, and send each other dog memes on Instagram. Being the oldest child of three, we have always had a special bond. When she asked me about Botox, I told her not only could she try it, but that I would get it with her. She deserves the best treatment and I was excited for her to try something that makes me happy and my skin even happier.

My doctor, Dr. Shafer, has made all of my experiences super easy, painless, and enjoyable–so I knew he’d give my mom the same TLC. His office on Fifth Avenue in New York City is like walking into a skincare palace. I made an appointment with him for mother-daughter Botox, and we couldn’t wait to receive the royal treatment.

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Courtesy of Cierra Miller.

When we arrived, Dr. Shafer was happy to treat my mom for her first time and discuss the differences between our skin and how it would affect each of us. Dr. Shafer explained to us that my mom’s wrinkles will soften over time, but not vanish, since the muscles that cause the lines won’t be able to move as much. We learned that 52 years old is actually considered late to start Botox, which is ironic because most people think 22 is too early. In my family, we march to the beat of our own drums.

Some people have strong reactions when they learn I started Botox before my mom. Wrinkles have a genetic component, and as such, I wanted to take preventative steps. After my first treatment, I noticed my fine lines on my forehead and the deep wrinkle between my brows completely vanish. After my first Botox experience, my mom was anxious to see how it would turn out or if I would do it again. I absolutely loved my results and how Botox makes me look and feel. My mom, expecting the same result, was informed by Dr. Shafer that since her wrinkles are set in her resting face, the Botox won’t entirely wipe away the lines (like it does for me).

I appreciated Dr. Shafer’s honesty and the way he set realistic expectations for my mom, who was still thrilled at the thought of softening her lines. He also explained that the wrinkles my mom has on her forehead are a glimpse of what mine will look like someday, sans Botox, which is such a cool way of looking at things. Basically, my mom’s face is a map of my future face.

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Courtesy of Cierra Miller.

I decided to go first with my treatment so my mom could watch what she was getting herself into. I received my usual six-month touchup between the brows and on the forehead. When my mom got in the chair, I could tell her nerves were kicking in. Dr. Shafer injected her in a few more spots than me, especially around her eyes which helps with crow’s feet. As he injected, I giggled in the corner (my mom and I always laugh at each other in out of the ordinary situations) and in about three minutes, she was done! She rated the pain level a two out of 10 (I give it a one), but I think all first-timers deserve a break.

Botox doesn’t work instantaneously, as many think. It actually takes a few days to a week for the full results to appear. As the days passed, my mom began noticing some tightness in her forehead and the lines softening and fading. The best part of it all: my dad (clueless to what Botox even does) asked her why her forehead looked so smooth and shiny. After that comment, she was hooked.

Watching my mom finally get Botox done made me so excited for her. I was so glad she was able to experience something she was skeptical about at first. I loved the daily texts of “I think I’m starting to feel it working!” too. In fact, my skincare junkie personality has really affected my mom. Now she’s asking me all the time if I’m wearing my facial sunscreen, and even what skincare products work like Botox. We plan on continuing to get Botox together and sharing this unique experience as a mother-daughter duo. To anyone who is skeptical or unsure about Botox, we say if it makes you happy, then that’s great, and if not, then that’s OK, too.

If you’re wondering what is the “right” age to start Botox, I say whenever you feel the time is right. My mom and I starting at such different ages allowed us to see the effects Botox has on someone with younger skin and older skin. At 23 and 52 years old, we will continue to get treated for as long as we want.

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