First Day of School Makeup: 3 Easy Trends You Can Wear to Homeroom

Augusta Falletta

Easily the best part about going back to school is the opportunity to completely reinvent your look from the previous school year. Some girls go for an edgy new haircut while others opt to play around with their style, but we’re particularly fond of testing out some of the makeup trends come September. Sure, we can rely on Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration, but we like to keep our finger on the pulse of which trends are going to be at the forefront of fall, so naturally we turn to makeup artists.

We recently caught up with Dean Fournier, National PRO Artist at LORAC, who showed us how to take three of the coolest fall trends and make them wearable for every day. Below, Fournier explains which looks to try — and the tricks to get them just right.

purple lipstick

Purple lips: “When you’re going to do a violet or a deep lip color, it’s all about a clean eye,” Fournier tells us. “Don’t put any eyeshadow in your crease, and don’t shade in your lid. You can do a shimmer, like a pearl or a kind of peachy shimmer. Avoid the vampire look by warming up the rest of your face with a light peach or gold eyeshadow, but don’t go into the silvers (as this can make it too cool and dark). Do a touch of matte bronzer or blush, but just put a touch of color on the apples of your cheeks. Bring color to the face if you want to do purple lips.”

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blue eyeliner

Navy eye: “A great way to incorporate a trend color, like a navy, would be to start with liner first,” he explains. “This is best for the top lash line. If you were doing a lighter color like aqua you could go underneath, but with navy (or even other darker trend colors like purple) stick to the top lash line. For a precise line, you can do a thin line with the new LORAC Front of the Line PRO Liquid Liner in Navy, or you could use the new LORAC navy eyeshadow wet. Use it as a liner with a really nude eye. Don’t try to compete with a trend color. Just do a little bit of a primer and a flat, nude shadow, and then do a thin liner. Then just finish it off with tons of black mascara.”

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bold eyebrows

Bold brows: “Here’s how to do the perfect brow for your shape: Take a spoolie brush and comb your brow hair down first, and then you can see exactly where your arch is. Take your brow pencil and lightly draw a line along the top of your brow from your inner corner up to the arch, then another line down to the outer edge of your brow. Next draw a small line along the bottom of your brow from the inner corner up to the arch. Then fill the body of the brow with tiny strokes. Use your spoolie to blend. Remember to go one shade lighter with your pencil when choosing a shade,” Fournier tells us.

Images via Imaxtree