10 Must-Have Hairstyles for the First Day of School

Michelle Grossman
10 Must-Have Hairstyles for the First Day of School
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As much as we wish it did, we have to face the fact that the summer doesn’t last forever. Before we know it, we’ll be back in school. We all know how crucial the first day of school outfit is, so chances are you’re already raiding the mall on a daily basis trying to find one that is just right.

Once we find the perfect ensemble, we can finally let out a sigh of relief. Our minds are at ease, until we remember we forgot one very important detail – our hair. If you don’t know what to do with your locks, look no further. Above, we’ve rounded up the best first day of school hairstyles to start off the year fashion forward.

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Accesorizing a ponytail with a bow will give you that classic school girl look, plus it's super cute.

Photo: Davide Gallizio

Bring some of the summer back to school with you! Grab your crimper and rock beach waves on your first day.

Photo: Antonello Trio

Show off those contouring skills you've been practicing all summer by tying your hair out of your face with everyone's favorite sockbun. Add a cute headband to finish off your look!  


This bohemian messy braid is the best way to keep your hair out of the way on your first day back. Not to mention, it'll go great with your fringe book bag!

Photo: Antonello Trio

You've had all summer to switch up your look. Debut a new style on the first day, like bangs!

Photo: ArmandoGrillo

You woke up late because your internal clock is still on summer's time. Keep calm, throw your hair into a low messy bun, pull out some pieces in the front to frame your face, and show up on the first day looking effortlessly fabulous!


Embrace bedhead with this tousled look – just curl a few strands of hair and brush them out!

Photo: Antonello Trio

Add a twist to your usual ponytail for the first day of school, literally.

Photo: Matteo Scarpellini/Imaxtree.com

We can all use a pick-me-up on the first day, so pin the front section of your hair back for some volume.


If you're feeling daring, try this mohawk inspired style! Just tease the front section, split the sides into smaller sections secured with elastics, and look fierce on your first day back!

Photo: Davide Gallizio/Imaxtree.com

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