Find the Best Dry Shampoo For Any Hair Type

Augusta Falletta

Let’s be clear about something: dry shampoo has been one of our favorite beauty inventions of our lifetime, right behind BB cream and Vaseline Spray & Go lotion. Not only can we save time when we’re running out the door without a minute to wash our hair, but we’re also able to save our tresses from the massive amounts of heat styling we put it through every day by making styles last longer. Call us crazy, but the time and energy saved because of dry shampoo is like found gold, and actually having a minute to drink coffee out of a non-to go cup in the morning is a huge fringe benefit to saving time on your hair.

No one needs to be convinced that dry shampoo is a miracle in a can, but everyone does need to find their perfect match when it comes to the wonder product. Depending on whether you prefer organic dry shampoo, you’re looking for massive volume or even your hair color, the dry shampoo you choose changes from person to person. In an effort to help girls everywhere find their dry shampoo soulmate, we put together a guide of the best dry shampoos for any hair type. Take a look through the slideshow and find the perfect dry shampoo for you!

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