Why Fans Are Divided About Fenty Beauty’s Upcoming ‘Moroccan Spice’ Palette

Why Fans Are Divided About Fenty Beauty’s Upcoming ‘Moroccan Spice’ Palette
Photo: Michael Ostuni/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images.

If you thought this summer was already sweltering, Fenty Beauty is about to turn up the heat even more. After teasing and hinting at new products for well over a week, the brand has confirmed five new goodies are dropping July 6.

The big kahuna of the drop is the Moroccan Spice Eyeshadow Palette ($59), which has 16 metallic and matte shades, from emerald green to dusty pink. The campaign photos—featuring Rihanna herself—have most fans begging for next week to come quicker, but others are noting they’ll sidestep the palette for the other products instead—two new eyeshadow brushes ($24 each), an eye primer ($22), and a liquid eyeliner ($20).

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Under a photo posted to beauty news Instagrammer TrendMood1’s account, some commenters appear to be disappointed in the lack of experimental shades and how the palette caters to basic warm and neutral shades.

“I just can’t get excited about that palette. And it’s so expensive… I’ll probably try the other stuff though.”

“This does absolutely nothing for me, there’s not really any kind of colour story besides the warm neutrals section and the packaging is bulky as hell. “

“this looks really non pigmented and boring… definitely not getting it”

“It’s pretty, but I feel like I’ve seen it a million times, come on Fenty, give ya girl something she hasn’t seen before”

“I am excited to get those brushes along with the eye primer and the liner but the palette is definitely underwhelming imo.”

“I’m excited about everything but the eyeshadow palette. I really want her to release a liquid concealer. She’s lacking one in her line.”

An entirely separate Reddit thread was also dedicated to the new palette and the controversy surrounding the shades. However, amidst the groans and grumbles, there were some people who understood the choice in color combos.

One commenter, @amazzan, wrote, “I mean, kinda standard colors, but Fenty is still a new line. She doesn’t have anything like this yet in her collection, so it seems fine enough to me. It’s cute, I bet most people would wear most of these shades. Good for a beginner or for travel. So no, I am not shaken to the core with some new artistic product, but that’s fine – plenty of other Fenty products are exactly that.”

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Aside from Fenty trying to round out their brand, another commenter on Reddit, @agirlhasnopatience, said, “When did Fenty/Rihanna become the pinnacle of exciting, daring makeup? When was the last time Rihanna wore something spicier than a bold lip?” Perhaps we shouldn’t have to hold Fenty Beauty to an unrealistic standard when other brands could be revolutionizing makeup, too. Sure, 40 foundation shades marked a much-needed uptick in inclusivity, but does that mean every product drop has to be groundbreaking?

At the end of the day, if the palette isn’t making you sing, you don’t have to buy it. Luckily, there’s four other products that probably will (at least for us).