Your Fenty Beauty ‘Mystery Surprise’ May Include a Palette Signed by Rihanna

Your Fenty Beauty ‘Mystery Surprise’ May Include a Palette Signed by Rihanna
Photo: Courtesy of Fenty Beauty.

It’s never a dull day in the world of Fenty Beauty, who just announced a holiday deal that’ll make any makeup junkie or Rihanna stan happy. Starting today, exclusively on–which means no, you can’t shop this deal at Sephora or Harvey Nichols–shoppers can snag a super-sized bundle of top-selling Fenty products.

The entire she-bang includes the Freestyle Highlighter Palette, a limited-edition set of seven brand spankin’ new metallic shades, from cool lavenders to icy blues, that’ll give your overall makeup look a frosted chrome effect. There’s also a 3-piece lip crayon set, available in three different color variations, from icy to fiery.

The final piece of Rihanna’s Mystery Surprise is a secret gift that could be one of three things: a Fenty Beauty drawstring bag, holographic Fenty Beauty clutch, or best of all: an autographed version of the highlighter palette. The only slight downside is that there are just 20 autographed palettes…so grab one immediately and cross those fingers and toes.

Autograph aside, the upside to this holiday exclusive is the price tag. Since the highlighter palette and lip crayons are $93 together, you’re getting a free gift that we can assume would bring the total well over $100 if it weren’t.

Unsurprisingly, the “Warm Look Essentials” version is already low on inventory, which means the other two will likely follow suit very soon. Remember that you can only shop the mystery surprise on Fenty Beauty’s website and to those hoping for an autographed palette, we say godspeed.