8 Fenty Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know About but Need to Try Immediately

8 Fenty Beauty Hacks You Didn’t Know About but Need to Try Immediately
Photo: Allison Kahler/STYLECASTER/Getty Images

Since Rihanna launched her award-winning earth-shattering makeup brand Fenty Beauty in September 2017, fans have been waiting with bated breath for the next product launch. So far, the brand has its cult-favorite Pro Filt’r foundations, Mattemoiselle lipsticks, Killawatt highlighters, Match Stix contour sticks, and several other products sure to drain your bank accounts.

And though Fenty Beauty has built a reputable brand in the five months since its launch, fans are still nowhere near to being able to do a full face. So they’ve resorted to hacks to get the job done. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the most creative mind-blowing Fenty Beauty hacks to have hit the internet. From the innovative (and a little dangerous) hack to get more pigment out of your Match Stix to the trick to turn your Killawatt highlighter into a body oil, here are seven Fenty Beauty hacks you didn’t know about but need to try immediately.

Use Water to Make Your Killawatt Highlighter an Eyeliner

Fenty Beauty’s Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter is already a multipurpose tool, but if you want to smooth its application and, yes, use it as an eyeliner, try this hack from Fenty Beauty’s global makeup artist Priscilla Ono. To use Killawatt as a gorgeous shimmery eyeliner, Ono mixed a dab of the highlighter (in Trophy Wife, specifically) with water before swiping the concoction over her top lash line to create a majestic gold exaggerated cat-eye.

Use Your Match Stix as Lipstick

Before Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty’s Mattemoiselle lipsticks, Ono found a way to use the brand’s Match Stix for the perfect nude and dark lips. In an Instagram, Ono showed fans how to swipe their Match Stix—which are typically used for contouring—over their lips for a creamy, pigmented color.

Turn the Killawatt Highlighter into Body Oil

We told you that the Killawatt highlighter was multipurpose. Nickole Hoang, a makeup artist and beauty blogger, showed how you can turn your Killawatt highlighter into “gold sand,” which you can brush across your body as a glittery body oil. Unfortunately, the hack requires you to partially destroy your highlighter by taking a fork to it to scrape it up and loosen the gold flecks. Then you’re going to use an oil (Hoang used Farsáli’s Rose Gold Elixir) to bind the gold glitter into wet gold sand. Brush the mix on your shoulders and clavicles, and you’re ready to glow all day long. Pro tip: Hoang also mixes the oil with her Pro Filt’r foundation for glittery, dewy coverage.

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Smooth Application of Your Match Stix by Heating Them

Want a smoother application for your Match Stix? Try heating them up. In the same video, Hoang showed that you can smooth the contour sticks’ application by taking a lighter to the tips and heating them up. The heat causes the Match Stix to soften and melt ever-so-slightly so you can apply them in one easy motion, which can be useful in winter months when creamy products dry up faster. “Heating your cream contour up is actually a great way to get a smoother application,” Hoang wrote in the caption. (Rihanna didn’t call them Match Stix for nothing.)

Slice Your Match Stix for More Pigment

Hoang’s hacks aren’t for everyone, especially if you don’t want to damage your Fenty Beauty products. But she makes a good point in slicing off the tip of her Match Stix. In one tutorial, Hoang takes a knife, heats it up with a lighter, and then slices the tips of her Match Stix off. But before fans could drag her for it, she explained her reasoning: “I find I get the most pigmentation from the middle versus the uncut smooth top,” she wrote. Judging from the colorful swipe she did across her face, she might be onto something.

Use Empty Lip Gloss Bottles for Primer Foundation

One Twitter user found a clever use for her empty Gloss Bomb tubes. Instead of throwing them out, she put in Fenty Beauty’s Pro Filt’r’s primer and foundation. The hack not only gave her adorable on-the-go cases, but a wand she can use for minor touch-ups or quick and easy applications.

Mix Your Killawatt Highlighter with a Setting Spray for a Glittery Body Mist

To make the most out of her Killawatt highlighters, Hoang also uses it to create a glittery body mist to give herself an extra glow. She scrapes up her Killawatt highlighter before dumping the generous puddle of flecks into a hydrating primer, such as MAC’s Prep + Prime Fix. After screwing back on the top and shaking the concoction around, she’s able to spray it directly on her body, leaving her with a glitzy glow when the liquid dries.

Use Your Match Stix as a Magnet

Though it’s not necessarily a beauty hack, many fans have discovered that Fenty Beauty’s Match Stix work wonders as a makeshift magnet for when your earrings or hair clips are stuck at the bottom of your bag. One fan found out that the Match Stix’s magnet packaging allows her to easily find stray earrings that might’ve nested at the bottom of her purse. It’s the brand that keeps on giving.