This Woman Made a Dupe for Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava, and We’re Shook

Photo: Getty Images

Since its launch in September, Rihanna‘s cosmetics company, Fenty Beauty, has made award-winning strides in diversity and representation. But one thing that it isn’t known for is affordability. The brand’s most recent example was its just-launched Body Lava, a shimmery and dewy body oil, which was dragged for its higher-than-usual price. However, fortunately for us, one fan seems to have skirted Body Lava’s $59 price tag and DIY-ed a dupe for much less.

Recently, Aleah, a Fenty Beauty fan, went viral for the genius way she duped Fenty Beauty’s Body Lava using baby oil and some powder highlighter. Aleah’s hack began by pouring a healthy amount of of Artist Couture x Jackie Aina’s highlighter in La Peach on a cap, which she transferred to a piece of paper and poured into a bottle of baby oil.

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After a few shakes, Aleah was left with a glittery peach-gold oil ready to be rubbed on her body. The video continued with Aleah spreading the concoction on her décolletage and neck, which left her with a shimmery sun-kissed glow that looks like she just came from a tropical vacation. “Beauty on a budget  we flourishing all summer sis,” she captioned the video.

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Though using baby oil and highlighter to create a body oil isn’t groundbreaking, it’s good to know that the DIY combination almost looks like the real thing. Plus, any reason to save some money this summer is fine by us.